2021 Trends That All New Homeowners Should Consider

As we look into 2021, it’s quite likely that we’ll continue to see a rise in young homeowners choosing to build new houses on their own land. With 2018 alone seeing the construction of 840,000 single-family homes, 2021 will probably have a lot of buyers researching their options in terms of creating the homes of their dreams. There are a lot of benefits to choosing to build on your own acreage rather than buying a preexisting home. You can create a house of your own, allowing you to invest in your future and accommodate your specific needs as a homeowner. Furthermore, you may be able to build that home in an area that is up and coming, getting ahead of buyers down the line.

But you don’t want to build a home that only appeals to you. You also want to think about those future buyers. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the only person who will ever live in your home. Down the road, you may want to sell your house and make a profit. The more you pay attention to popular trends and advancements in new construction homes, the more likely it will be that your house will be not only the home of your dreams but a great investment as well. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore some of the projected 2021 trends for new homes for sale.

1. Smart Homes

When deciding to build on your own acreage, you should consider adding smart home capabilities to your house. This is a growing trend for both new construction homes and rehabilitated buildings, and with good reason. Smart home technology makes everyday living more convenient, and for that matter solves a lot of problems that homeowners were plagued with for years. Smart home technology can help you more easily change the temperature in your home, dim lights as needed, and even increase the security of your house. For example, apps today allow homeowners to connect with their front doors, checking who is at the door even when they aren’t at home. This type of addition increases comfort levels for homeowners and can help lower bills as well.

2. Spa-Like Bathrooms

Bathrooms aren’t just utilitarian anymore. Buyers like to see more spacious bathrooms that enhance a homeowner’s ability to relax. This is leading those who choose to build their own homes to install spacious showers with glass doors, creating the feeling of a sauna. Large bathtubs and light-colored tiles further enhance that sense of serenity, while indoor plants and bright windows make the bathroom feel more natural and connected to the outdoors.

3. A Focus On The Kitchen

The kitchen has always been an important room in the house. But more recently, it’s been made clear that kitchens are becoming extremely valued as the “protagonists” of homes. Therefore, after deciding to build on your own acreage, you should focus on creating a large kitchen with a lot of potential for decoration and growth. Install top of the line appliances, and make sure that the kitchen is in a key part of the house. It should be more than just a cooking and dining space, but a social place within the home.

4. Industrial Architecture

If you’re open to exploring different types of architecture as you build on your own acreage, you may want to consider an industrial look. This is projected to be a major trend within 2021, and with good reason. Industrial architecture is typically asymmetrical, relying on iron, wood, aluminum, and recycled plastic as bases. There is also a simplicity to industrial architecture, with clean lines and often reduced construction costs.

5. Increased Outdoor Space

As you build on your own acreage, consider bringing the outdoors forward in your construction plans. Think about creating a spacious, modern patio, or adding a balcony to the master bedroom. This will not only set the home apart but make it more enjoyable to live in as you let in fresh air and make it more comfortable to spend time outside.

Obviously, you should always prioritize your own tastes when building a home. But don’t forget that your house should have a certain level of mass appeal. Look over coming trends, and consider which ones you like the most as you build your ideal house.

Date: December 4, 2020
Category: Blog