3 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Floorplan for Your Acreage Homesite

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a historic, record-breaking year for the Houston property market. Home values have shot up 7.2% over the past year. The HAR market prediction is that the property values will continue to rise 3.4% within the next year. The average number of days a home stays on the market is now shorter, down to 46 days from 59 days in 2019.

Looking at the statistics and Houston real estate market predictions, there’s no better time to invest in new construction homes than now. Part of the buying process is determining the right floorplan for your new house. Your floorplan may need to be functional yet aesthetically appealing. Here are three tips for picking out the right floorplan for acreage homesites.

1. Factor in Your Lifestyle

Acreage homes for sale near Houston will often come in a variety of floor designs and room sizes. Most local home builders maintain a listing of popular custom home designs that they offer. You may need to ensure that the floorplan in new construction homes matches your family’s current and future lifestyle.

The number and layout of the rooms may need to reflect your family size. The best plan is to analyze your current floor plan. Assess the amenities that you would like to maintain and any additions you would love. Analyze the pros and cons of every floor plan that the custom home build presents.

Accessibility is another key consideration when analyzing your lifestyle. Consider whether or not you need design changes for the live-in family member that may require extra space to maneuver. Small kids may require wider hallways to run through.

2. Know Your Budget Estimates

Every homeowner has their unique design tastes and preferences. When considering acreage homes for sale near Houston, you may need to understand all the expenses associated with acquiring a specific floor plan. It is quite easy to get swept up in the excitement of a more luxurious home.

It is advisable to set price targets in advance as you reach out to the different home builders for acreage homesites near Houston. Analyze the different floorplans and find the layout that best fits your budget.

3. Do Not Forget Your Outdoors

Your preferred floorplan for acreage homes for sale near Houston should not neglect the outdoor space. You can work with the new home construction builders to identify the right outdoor amenities for your space. You may be spoilt for choice through lush lawns, fire pits, hot tubs, swimming pools, large porches, and decks.

You may need to assess your family needs, your lifestyle, hobbies, pets within your home, and the size of your acreage before picking out the right outdoor layout. It is also important to factor in the time that your family spends outside.

Picking acreage homes for sale near Houston may require meticulous planning and execution. You may need to find a floor plan that matches your family’s lifestyle and needs. To discuss the different floor plans available on our portfolio, reach out to Stone Meadow Homes today.

Date: May 7, 2021
Category: Blog