4 Tips for Deciding Whether to Build or Buy an Acreage Home

According to Statista, about 65% of all Americans own their homes. This figure continues to grow as the number of young people who are starting their career increases yearly. The most obvious question for people looking to own homes is whether to build or buy on an acreage.

Read on to learn some important factors you need to consider before building an acreage home.

Location Matters

Location is the most crucial factor if you are trying to decide whether to build on your own acreage or not. If you haven’t already bought land with the intention of building, you may be better positioned to control this factor. For people who absolutely need to see a project from the ground up, choosing the right location is critical.

You want to select a location that complements your lifestyle in the long-run. If you have children, you should build your acreage in a safe community where schools are nearby. On the other hand, if most people living in your household need to commute to work daily, picking a location that is not too far away from town is advisable. You may want to study the road traffic patterns as well.

Think About the Future

If you want to build on your own acreage, it is helpful to picture the neighborhood in about 10 years. You should avoid the “house fever” that many new home buyers develop when taking real estate trips. This fever comes from falling in love with specific aspects of property features and forgetting to ask the big questions.

A good question to ask yourself is whether the features that you like will matter after a few months. For example, if there’s a railroad track near your house, will you have trouble sleeping at night? You may not have children at the moment, but what will you do when you have them after two years? Will they be able to sleep with a train passing outside their bedroom at night?

A general rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether activities on the neighboring property can threaten the specific aspect of the acreage. For example, is there a chance that a street will be built next to the home? What does that say about the ambiance and peaceful atmosphere of such an area?

Know the Setbacks

Every property has setbacks that you should keep in mind before beginning any building process. The best way to learn about the different setbacks that apply to an area where you already possess land is by visiting your local building department or consulting the owner’s associations. You want to make sure that everything is set before you invest in costly planning or resource acquisition.

If it turns out that you cannot build on your own acreage, it is time to consider homes for sale, especially if you particularly like the location. Almost 80% of all recent home buyers relied on a real estate agent for accurate property information. If you decide to construct a new house, local home builders may assist you since they work with contractors and property developers.

The Utility Situation

Modern American homes are much more complicated than traditional ones since homeowners need to have their property connected with several utilities. Whether you decide to build on your lot or buy a home, you should plan for water, waste, power, gas, and phone connection. More importantly, it would be best if you established whether these utilities are affordable.

As an example, you may find that you are interested in an acreage located in a remote location where access to water and sewer is unavailable. You are also unlikely to enjoy a good phone or internet connection affordably in such areas. Balancing the benefits of building and the unavoidable operational costs associated with such property is necessary.

Final Word

If you decide to build on your own acreage, always seek professional guidance from a reputable local builder. At Stone Meadow Homes, we are committed to making your dream of building a home a reality. Contact us today if you looking for acreage homes for sale near Houston.

Date: September 8, 2020
Category: Blog