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Shopping for new houses can be an intimidating process, particularly for first-time buyers. Despite all the hype about younger people being unwilling to commit to buying a home, over 40% of the shoppers for new homes in 2019 were first-time buyers.

A home is one of the most personal purchases a person will make. One person’s dream home might not even be considered by another person. This is because there are so many features to consider and so many ways to prioritize them. However, all homes have certain characteristics in common. Here are five considerations when looking at new homes for sale in Houston TX:


There is a reason why realtors joke that the top three considerations when buying a new home should be:

  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location

Location encompasses so many of the wants and needs of home buyers that it is difficult to overstate its importance. Among these are:

  • Distance from work
  • Distance from shopping
  • Distance from, and quality of, schools
  • Distance from entertainment and recreation
  • Whether the lot is waterfront property
  • Views from home
  • Transportation options, including access to major roads, highways, and freeways
  • Amount of traffic both near the home and between the home and work

Above all else, location includes the nature of the local market and the local home builders within that market. One benefit of local home builders is that they know the area and can locate new subdivisions with these considerations in mind. Moreover, local home builders have a reputation to maintain in the local real estate market, so they have incentives to provide the very best services they can. Finally, local home builders know what the local customers like, so they can tailor their new houses to the local market.

Home Size

Different buyers place different priorities on many features, but almost all of them will prioritize size as a close second to location. This is not to say that every buyer is looking for the same size home. To the contrary, many buyers are looking to downsize or right-size their new home compared to their current home. For these buyers, they are balancing the amount of house they want against the amount of house they have the ability, or desire, to take care of.

However, many buyers must consider the possibility (or certainty) that their family will grow. Younger buyers will have to consider the possibility of getting married and having kids. Older buyers will have to consider the possibility of caring for elderly relatives or providing a home for adult children who move back.

Thus, when considering size, square footage may be just one factor. The number of bathrooms, the number of bedrooms, and the location of those rooms in the floor plans may be just as important as square footage.

Garage Size

The size of the garage, like the size of the home, may require some projection into the future. For example, homeowners add new vehicles as the family grows and matures. Moreover, families take up new hobbies that sometimes involve big toys, like RVs, boats, and ATVs. Toddlers and babies eventually become teenagers who buy their own cars.

Also, keep in mind that your garage usually houses all your yard care and gardening equipment. If you are a DIYer or shade tree mechanic, you may use your garage to store all your tools and shop equipment.

Lot Size

Lot size is similar to home size – larger lots require more care than smaller lots. However, larger lots also provide more options for use. Larger lots provide for flexibility to build a concrete pad to park an RV or boat trailer. Larger lots can accommodate a shed, detached garage, machine shop, or out building for a home office or studio. With enough space, you can even build a detached mother-in-law apartment on your lot.

Value items

Anything that adds value to your home is called a value item. For example, swimming pools and patios are a high priority for some sun-worshiping buyers. Other buyers may prioritize granite countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances. These are the touches that local home builders can use to personalize your home for you.

Everyone is unique, and every home is unique due to the location, size, lot, garage, and value items of that home.

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