5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land for a New Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, first-time homeowners made up 42% of shoppers in 2019. With many first-timers dreaming of custom new houses, their excitement overshadows the clear differences between buying new construction homes and building on your acreage.

The 2019 NAR report also showed that land sales jumped by 2%, with residential land prices hiking by nearly 3%. Deciding to build on your lot gives you the freedom to design the home you want from scratch. However, finding the right piece of land for the new houses may be the trickiest part.

Here are five questions to guide you in finding the right acreage homesites.

1. House or Property, Which Comes First?

The landscape of the land that you picked out will dictate the design of the house. However, new houses can also be designed to take advantage of the landscape. Check out the site work and landscaping requirements to make the lot ready for construction. At times, it may not be economically viable to alter the landscape to accommodate a predetermined plan. Establish a priority list for your new home that will help you select the appropriate site for your new home.

2. Are There Utilities Present on the Land?

You may also need to access property development and accessibility of the acreage homesites for sale near Houston. Is there easy road access to the property? At times, you may have to pass through a neighbor’s property to access yours, and an easement may need to be drawn up. Additionally, check for utility hookups. New houses on land near cities and municipalities may have easier access to water, sewer, electricity, and cable networks.

3. What Are the Zoning Restrictions?

You may need to check with the county zoning office to determine how the land was envisioned to be used. Your local home builders can link you to accredited land consultants that can help explore zoning restrictions, building codes, easements, and land covenants. Lots in new subdivisions may have limitations on the types of materials used, design, and size of the new houses.

4. Are There Potential Site Issues?

You may need to analyze the topography and siting impact of the new subdivision you wish to buy. Is the site flat or hilly, rocky, or on a ledge? Is the property in a flood zone or hurricane-prone area? You may need to check the potential site issues concerning soil analysis, land stability, and drainage. If you need to build a well or septic field, you may require to carry out percolation testing and water table studies.

5. Is the Survey Process Complete?

The larger the parcel of land for building new houses, the more important the question becomes. It is important to know where your boundaries lie before deciding to build on your own acreage. You may need to ensure that the fence or driveway you put up falls within your boundary lines to avoid any dispute litigation with your new neighbors.

Most homeowners dream of having custom new houses that meet their lifestyle and aesthetic needs. Picking out a lot to build on is the first step to owning the home you desire. To find acreage homesites around Houston, TX, reach out to Stone Meadow Homes.

Date: May 4, 2021
Category: Blog