5 Reasons Why the Location of the New Subdivision Matters

According to the National Association of Realtors, 5.64 million existing homes were sold in 2020. The US Census Bureau estimates that there were over 822,000 transactions for new construction homes within the same period. First-time homeowners made 42% of all shoppers.

The prospect of finally owning a home can conjure a flurry of emotions for most first-timers. You may need to remain calm as you assess the new subdivisions for your acreage home site. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the location of the new subdivision.

Choosing acreage homesites is a critical piece of the home-building process. It may affect your floorplan, additional features of the home, and quality of life in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you need to be keen when selecting the new subdivision for your home.

1. Zoning Restrictions

It is not always evident to determine how an undeveloped new subdivision may look once the new houses, traffic, and business move in. The location of the acreage homesites near Houston may have restrictions on materials used, design, and size of the houses, pets you may keep among others. Checking with the local zoning office can help you determine how the land was envisioned to be used. Verify the easements or land covenants stipulated for the property.

2. Orientation

The location of the lot you choose in the new subdivision may affect the design and positioning of your home. Orientation involves understanding the sun’s movement across the acreage homesites and designing homes that relate to this movement. Orientation of the lot may affect the final floorplan designed by local home builders to ensure that your house remains energy efficient.

3. Shape and Slope of Available Lots

Two lots with the same square footage on a new subdivision may not be both buildable despite being of the same size. The shape of the lot may affect how you build on your own acreage, playing a critical role in the positioning of the new house and its yards.

The location of the new subdivision may also have an impact on the slope of the lot. The topography of the property may affect the land preparation measures required before the local home builders can kickstart the construction. Additionally, the slope may also affect drainage within your lot. Poor drainage may cause problems with footings, foundations, walkways, well, and septic systems.

4. Overview

The location of the new subdivision may also affect the view you can achieve with the new construction home. You may need to check areas or views around the lot that you need to make the most out of. The placement of your home on the acreage homesite can help you capture the outlook you wish to achieve for your dream house.

5. Utilities

You may need to assess property development and accessibility before investing in a new subdivision. The location of the lot may affect accessibility to underground utilities such as water, gas, and sewer systems. Factor in the traffic patterns around and near your preferred lot.

The location of the new subdivision may have a huge impact on the placement, orientation, and overview of your home. You may also need to confirm that utilities are present and the underlying zoning restrictions. To buy acreage homesites for sale near Houston, reach out to Stone Meadow Homes.

Date: June 1, 2021
Category: Blog