7 Benefits of Buying into a Brand New Subdivision

According to a recent survey by Trulia, twice as many homebuyers prefer new houses to existing homes. For the same price, 41% of the population would prefer a newly built home to an existing one. Statistics from the 2019 National Association of Realtors report also support the argument, with 16% of first-time homeowners looking for new homes in urban areas.

But what’s the allure behind buying into a brand new subdivision? Here are seven benefits you can accrue from investing in new construction homes.

1. A Ready-To-Move-In Home

With new construction homes or pre-construction purchases in a brand new subdivision, the work is done for you. You get a turnkey home that is ready for occupation. About 48% of first-time buyers say they prefer new houses to avoid the worry about repairs and upgrades to bring them to their preferred liking. You do not have to lift a finger, hammer, or paintbrush.

2. Latest Technology

New construction homes are often equipped with the latest tech to match the modern lifestyle demands. Think alarm systems, structured cabling, powerful speakers, custom lighting, among other gadgets that can breathe life into your new home. This can save you a lot of money, time, and holes in your walls.

3. High Baseline Standards

Building in a brand new subdivision ensures that your home’s foundation is strong and secure, both literally and figuratively. Homebuilders are always on the cutting edge of the latest construction materials and appliances, taking every detail to heart. Brand new appliances, plumbing, HVAC systems mean your home may have better energy efficiency than an existing home.

4. Better Customization

The modern homebuyer wants greater control over the specs in the home. Working with local home buildings in the brand new subdivision allows you to add customized upgrades before the construction is complete. It allows you to add a personal touch to your house by making even the smallest of choices on the floorplans, fixtures, and appliances. The local home builder can work with you to design the rooms to your liking, mirroring the vision for your dream home.

5. Low Maintenance Needs

New appliances may require less attention within the first few months after you move in. You may not need to worry about the HVAC unit failing immediately after you relocate. The manufacturers’ warranties on the products used during the construction and furnishing of the home can help offset any cost of repairs or maintenance needed.

6. Strong Connection to the Home

Customizing your home in the brand new subdivision allows you to have a say on everything regarding the home, from the exterior paint color to the window designs. Creating a personal touch conjures an intangible connection with the home.

7. Everyone Is New to the Neighborhood

Most homeowners agree it is harder to settle in an existing neighborhood than a brand new subdivision. All homebuyers in a new subdivision faced a similar decision on the city they chose, financial preparations for securing the lot and personalizing the different homes. You can create a new dynamic to living with your new neighbors, perhaps creating lifetime bonds.

More homeowners prefer moving into new construction over existing homes. To build on your own acreage or buying new homes for sale, reach out to Stone Meadow Homes. Our team can take you through the different lots and houses available in communities across Houston, TX.

Date: June 3, 2021
Category: Blog