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3 Must Haves When Building a New Home

The growing property market in the United States is showing no signs of slowing down thanks to cheap mortgage rates. Many families will be able to build their ideal home, and local home builders will have a great opportunity to expand their business as a result of this situation. With new homeowners now seeking long-lasting, Read More

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New Construction Homes: What First-Time Buyers Need to Know

Buying a new construction home comes with many benefits. There are no worn-out parts for you to repair, and the home is energy-efficient. However, the process of homeownership is often long, and for first-timers, it can feel challenging. Despite that, this has not stopped newcomers from acquiring property. In fact, by 2019, first-time homeowners accounted Read More

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local home builders

Understanding the New Home Construction Process

The process of constructing a new home is not as complicated as many people assume. This article will help you understand the basics and what to expect during this exciting time. 1. Designing the Home Designing the home is possibly one of the most exciting phases in the new home construction process. You will spend Read More

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brand new subdivision

New Construction Upgrades that Add the Most Value

When building your own home, you have a lot of opportunities to make it exactly what you want it to be. However, even if you’re building in a brand new subdivision with plans to stay forever, you should consider which upgrades you can add in order to add the most value to your new home. Read More

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acreage homesites

Tips to Pick the Perfect Acreage Homesite

According to Better Homes and Gardens, millennial investors have a very high interest in real estate development. Studies show that 96% of these buyers are interested in real estate as opposed to the 83% of Boomers who are interested in real estate investments. Many are looking for acreage homesites to develop and follow these steps Read More

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How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your New House

When you are looking to build a new house, there are so many factors to consider. There is the location of your home, the square footage of your lot, what kind of neighborhood it’s in, and more. One thing that may not be on everyone’s mind when building a new home is the floor plan. Read More

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5 New Construction Home Design Trends

If you’re planning on building a new construction home, and you plan on calling it “home” for at least a few years, then chances are you’re interested in timeless home design, with attention to what is currently trending. You’ve come to the right place then: below you’ll find five new construction home design trends that Read More

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New construction homes

6 Reasons to Choose New Construction Homes

With the housing market booming and prices on the rise, finding a home that fits your budget can seem like a daunting task. The good news is there are plenty of options out there for those who want new construction homes. Here are six reasons why you should choose this option instead of settling for Read More

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Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Home Builder

So you’ve decided to build your own home. Congratulations! You’ll be taking on a big responsibility, but it will also be a huge accomplishment and may save you a lot of money in the long run. The last thing you want is to regret choosing the wrong local home builder because they didn’t listen to Read More

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