Essential Factors to Consider as You Design a New Home

There are a lot of reasons why you may be choosing to build on your lot, rather than buying an existing home. Perhaps you want to build the perfect home for your specific needs and find that nothing exists where you want to move within your price range. Maybe you’re interested in embarking on a journey and creating a home from scratch as a kind of adventure, rather than buying a house that someone else has already owned. Or perhaps you’re building a home with the knowledge that in the future (if not immediately) you will sell it.

For many people, a home is as much an investment as it is a place to live, and with good reason. Buying a house requires a significant amount of money, and new construction homes are often more expensive than some of their existing counterparts. The question for many, as they invest in acreage homesites near Houston, is how they can build new houses that will offer them the best possible profit. Let’s explore some of the factors you should consider below.

1. Location

Location, location, location. When building a new construction home with the intention of selling it for a profit in the future, location is one of the most important factors to consider. If people take issue with one design decision you made, they can often renovate a house and make it to be more like what they were initially envisioning. They can’t change a home’s location. This is why acreage homesites near Houston are so appealing. Houston is home to many up and coming neighborhoods, where the properties are rising in price but are still reasonably affordable for a wide range of buyers. This makes it easier for homebuyers to build their homes now and sell them for a profit later.

Those building houses in new subdivisions should also consider issues like school districts, even if they themselves don’t have children. Right now, millennials make up the largest percentage of homeowners at 45%, and a lot of them have young children. Issues like schools and a neighborhood’s safety matter them, and can factor significantly into their decisions when they buy.

2. Invest in Smart Home Tech

When building a new house on one of many acreage homesites near Houston, you should also consider making the house that you’re building a smart home. This would mean that the house either has smart home technology installed or is capable of having it installed. Why? Being smart tech capable is a major appeal of new construction homes. While older houses often need to be heavily renovated in order to accommodate some higher level smart home technology devices, new houses should be ready to function alongside those devices easily.

Smart home technology simply make a house easier and more seamless to live within. Lights can be dimmed more easily, the thermostat can be handled remotely, and many of the basic functions of a house can be directed through voice commands. Buyers look for these additions, and with good reason.

3. Blended Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

If you’re looking at acreage homesites near Houston, you’re probably considering larger plots of land. So why not figure out how to expand your home’s outdoor living space, and blend it with the indoor space?

For buyers, this actually expands the space of the home and therefore its value. Often, it can be through covering patios and decks, or for that matter spaces and porches. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are also becoming increasingly common, as are outdoor kitchens. People love spending time outside, especially post-pandemic. Why not add that to your home?

4. Flexible Spaces

You may not need a guest bedroom, but potential buyers could. Those same people might like the idea of turning that bedroom into an office. Just as blending outdoor and indoor spaces will allow us to expand our home’s space, flexible rooms can help you expand the usage of that space.

While homeowners should make houses that they like and would enjoy, if profit is your goal you should make sure that you have a sense of what others in your area want too. This could allow you the opportunity to make significantly more money later.

Date: January 6, 2021
Category: Blog