Live the American Dream in an Acreage Community

In 2018, Houston experienced 30,146 new homes being built, that’s increased by 10.4% since 2017. Have you always wanted your very own home on a piece of property that gave you privacy? Maybe living in a bigger home has been your desire, so you have plenty of room for family, or you’re ready to grow your family. Acreage homesites near Houston are available that make it possible to ‘live larger’. You get the opportunity to live in a community with acreage homesites with plenty of space. Slip into a lifestyle with a peaceful and easy feeling just far enough away from the busyness of city life.

Build a Home on Your Land

When you choose to live in an acreage community, there are acreage homes for sale near Houston ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 and larger. Quick move-in homes are available so you can move into your dream home after touring a property. If you need a little more time, view homes that are under construction on acreage home sites to get a feel for future homes too. You can also ask about custom builds. Your piece of the American dream is waiting on acreage homesites near Houston. The benefits are endless when living in an exclusive community with acreage homes for sale.

Experience a Relaxed Lifestyle

Are you tired of dealing with housing options that are extremely limited? Does retreating to the country sound wonderful? Acreage homesites near Houston offer an escape that is priceless. Relax at home with a lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to enjoy cleaner air, experience better sleep, clearer thoughts, and views that make the stars even brighter. Say goodbye to the noise, stress, and negative energy that comes with city life. New homes for sale on country acreage give you your own little piece of land without taking you too far from the city. You get to escape the hurried lifestyle in an acreage community that suits a more laid-back way of living.

Indulge in the Benefits of Acreage Homesites Near Houston

Gardening is a rewarding experience. Having your own acreage provides the opportunity to fully let your gardening talents grow and shine. You will be able to enjoy blossoms that you’ve nurtured making the scent much sweeter. The exterior of your acreage home is the perfect place to put your green thumb to good use. You get the opportunity to grow your own vegetables and fruits, flowers, and even trees. Being close to nature makes living on acreage even more serene.

Besides flexing your green thumb, owning acreage provides you with amazing property value. The land itself is considered to be the property value, along with improvements upon it, basically meaning structures. Since land can’t be reproduced, it is known to be a valuable resource. You get more land space, as well as a fabulous home, that is a valuable asset and resource when living in an acreage community.

Space for Storage Is an Added Advantage

Do you have outdoor toys that need storage space? Living in the city, limits how you can store any type of outdoor recreational equipment. Having your own acreage gives you that much-needed storage space with housing plans that offer extended garage space too. Store your lawn equipment and recreational toys at home, as long as you stay within applicable guidelines.

Privacy Is a Privilege

A lot of homes have very little space between them. Privacy is a privilege, especially after you’ve lived nose to nose with neighbors in the past. That’s what makes acreage homesites near Houston a wonderful choice. You get the privacy you’ve always wanted. Living on just one acre gives much-needed space and privacy from neighbors.

More Land Gives You Larger Home Options

More land gives you the ability to live in a gorgeous new home. Enjoy the quality of life you deserve in relaxed acreage community surroundings. Schedule a tour today to select the perfect home layout from available acreage homesites and start living your best life.

Date: March 5, 2020
Category: Blog