build home on your land

New construction homes are getting a lot of attention. Instead of buying an already been used home you can build home on your land, and create the perfect space for you and your family but that is not why experts recommend to build home on your land.

We all have romantic notions of what home means to us but at the end of the day, a home is a huge investment. Making sure you are getting the most value for your investment is critical to your financial future. When you choose to build a home on your land you may be making the smartest financial decision.

Over 840,000 new construction homes were built in 2018. Clearly the idea of building new is catching on quickly.

Let’s Talk About Value and Real Estate

Most people buy their home from an emotional perspective. They are not really looking down the line at how that investment can grow. Either buyers are over-optimistic about how much growth potential there is in their home, or they are not considering it at all.

Building a home on acreage homesites will deliver the value that you want for your investment while enhancing your lifestyle. It can be the perfect solution for growing your investment and having the perfect home.

Some studies indicate that you can build on your lot for about $20,000 more than what you would pay for a home that is 20 years old or older. Older homes can come with unexpected expenses like:

  • Costly roof repairs
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Heating/cooling system repairs and replacement

When you build on your own acreage you will not have to worry about any of the above for at least 15 years. Everything will be brand new, highly functional, and ready to keep you and your family comfortable.

Improved Savings On Energy Costs

There have been tremendous strides made in energy-efficient building processes over the last couple of decades. Taking advantage of the savings that are available starts with setting your sites on new construction homes Houston homebuyers have discovered are a lot cheaper to own/run.

When you decide to build a home on your land instead of buying an already built home second hand, you are deciding to put your family in a space that is already energy compliant and efficient. Everything from the roof to the water heater is made with energy efficiency in mind. The savings can be tremendous.

New Construction Lets You Customize

When you build instead of buy you are also taking the opportunity to customize your home to fit your family’s lifestyle and style preferences. This means you do not have to spend weekends making those changes that you would have to make with a home that you buy.

Consider the Value

Most experts would say if your budget allows, build. You get more bang for your buck, fewer headaches, and a home that will build equity faster. Build home on your land.

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