New Construction Upgrades that Add the Most Value

When building your own home, you have a lot of opportunities to make it exactly what you want it to be. However, even if you’re building in a brand new subdivision with plans to stay forever, you should consider which upgrades you can add in order to add the most value to your new home. If you need to pick and choose between upgrades while the original work is being done, there are some that are better than others. Here are three construction upgrades to do during construction that will add the most value.

Electrical Upgrades

It is significantly easier to put in any electrical upgrades you want as you’re building the house. So if you think you’ll want to add some luxury appliances like a towel warmer, put in the wiring now. By having the electrical aspects in place for other upgrades, you make your home more appealing and practical for yourself and any potential future buyers.

A Deeper Basement

If your new home has a basement, consider digging it a foot deeper than you otherwise would. Since a basement is typically not part of the living area of a home, it is dug to be somewhat shallow. Even if you don’t plan on creating a finished basement any time soon, a deeper basement allows for the possibility without having to tear up the floor in the future. As you build in your brand new subdivision, request that your basement be dug deeper as you go. This will add value by allowing you opportunities to renovate.

Heated Garage

You might think a heated garage is something a little too indulgent to include in your initial construction. However, it is a great option to add as an upgrade during new construction. Once it is done, the value of your home has already increased. Plus, the heat from the garage travels upward into any living area that is built above it, keeping those rooms warm as well.

When building a new home in a brand new subdivision, you have options on what upgrades to add to your home first. If you are of the 44% that are looking online for properties, keep these in mind when it’s time to buy your property. While many of them are expensive, some are a better investment than others. These three are best done during new construction and can add value to your home immediately.

Date: December 2, 2021
Category: Blog