New Kids on the Block: Millennial Needs in Newly Built Homes

Owning a home is something that many people dream of. Being able to build a home that fits your needs, your wants and the overall style that you are going for is even more exciting. More and more people are now in a position to build a new home than ever before, and a large number of them are millennials, so what are they looking for in new builds? Keep reading to find out.

Smaller But More Customized

Many millennials are looking to build new homes that are traditionally smaller than what other people may build, that being said, these homes are far more customized. From specific rooms like offices that are secluded to homes with a flexible space that can be used for nearly anything, customization is key. Most millennials are looking to make sure that the space they are paying for fits the needs that they have and fits their lifestyle. Instead of the traditional floor plan, many are opting for a more open and flexible floor plan that works for a huge range of people in new subdivision builds.

Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance

Another factor that many millennials are focusing on is making sure that they are building homes that are energy efficient and that are also low maintenance. Many millennials are travelers, they move around a lot, and they tend not to stay in one place too long. It is also important that they can spend their free time doing what they want rather than having a home that is difficult to upkeep. Millennials make up the largest portion of new subdivision builds and homeownership across the board with 45%. It is important that when a new subdivision is being built, that the builder takes the time to make the home low maintenance, energy-efficient, and that they customize according to who is purchasing.

Most millennials have the income and the time to find the home that they want and to build a home that fits their needs, their overall desires, and the style that they are looking for. There are tons of great homes already built out there, but having a home that is something you specifically built is just special. Millennials are taking the reins and creating homes that they are happy to grow old in and happy to build a life in.

Date: January 7, 2022
Category: Blog