New Subdivision Vs. Undeveloped Land: How to Choose Where to Build Your Home

When it’s time to build your new home, the location you choose is critical. You want to select somewhere where everyone will be comfortable, where the house will fit nicely, and where you can build a sense of community. With 840,000 single-family homes built in 2018 alone, the building market is booming. As a new homeowner, however, you have to decide whether you want to build on undeveloped land or if you want to build a home in a new subdivision.

Subdivisions have numerous advantages for homeowners, including the following:

New Subdivision Homes Have a Community Feel

When you build your new home in a subdivision, you gain access to an automatic neighborhood. The houses are located close enough for everyone to interact, if they choose, but far enough apart for privacy. You can plan cookouts with your neighbors and community, but you can also work alone in your backyard garden. It’s a nice balance between community and individuality and makes a pleasant environment for families and individuals alike.

New Subdivision Homes Are Less Work

When you work with a contractor to build a home in a subdivision, there’s less for you to do. Most subdivision homes are built on lots that are pre-cleared, so you won’t have to coordinate contractors to clear a lot, level the ground, dig a well or install plumbing, and hook your lot up to the electrical grid. Instead, you can select the lot you like and let the contractor handle all of these tasks.

New Subdivision Homes Are Up to Code

A contractor who builds within a subdivision is used to building the same types of homes. They know how to ensure that those homes are up to code. When you’re building on an individual lot, there are far more issues to handle to make sure that your house and lot are up to code. You’ll likely be the one handling a lot of the scheduling and need to be present for many of the appointments.

Opting to build a home within a subdivision can make the entire process go more smoothly. You’ll still have a variety of customization options that your builder can assist you with, and you’ll be able to customize your house the way you want it. However, a large part of the coordination will be managed for you, and the process may be less stressful overall.

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Date: April 6, 2021
Category: Blog