Top 5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Build On Their Own Acreage

A 2019 survey by reveals that millennials now make up the largest percentage of homeowners at 45%. The generation is growing older, with better jobs and deeper pockets, allowing them to expand on their collective purchasing power.

Millennials are often seen as a peculiar lot of home buyers. Most want a home that will speak of their needs, tastes, and personality. A place with the latest technology. A space that is energy efficient and eco-friendly. A house conveniently located to their work, major transportation network, dining and entertainment centers. As a millennial, can you really have it all?

The short answer is: yes! Build on your own acreage and enjoy all these benefits. Acreage homesites allow better customization and a higher degree of personalization than any other new construction homes. Here are five reasons why you should prefer to build on your lot.

1. You Choose Where to Build

The greatest benefit of building on your own acreage is that you get to pick the right location for the new construction. It may mean more than the Zip code for your home. If the property is in a new subdivision, you can choose the exact lot on the street where you will settle. The freedom to choose where to build the new home is a key attraction point for most Millennials.

2. You Can Customize the Home to Your Tastes

Young home shoppers want to have control over their spaces. You may wish to customize your house to fit your work, family, and lifestyle needs. When you build on your own acreage, you get to make the tiny little choices on features and amenities that you want to have on your home. The local homebuilders can work with you to design and construct your rooms to your liking. Let your new construction home represent your tastes and dreams.

3. You Can Fill the House With the Latest Tech

Young homeowners tend to adapt and assimilate more of the latest tech innovations to their home constructions than the other older generations. With endless possibilities for the customization of your property, you can integrate the latest technology to design a smart home for you and your family. Lighting, entertainment, and security systems are some of the tech options that you add to your new house.

4. You Can Avoid Added Expenses

48% of Millennials say that they prefer new construction homes to avoid the worry of repairs and remodeling to bring the property to their liking. When you build on your own acreage, you get a house that is ready to move into. There’s no need for renovations, add-ons, or new appliances on top of the purchase price.

5. You Get the Intangible Connection

When you build on your lot, you can handpick where to build and have a personal say on the customization of your space. One intangible benefit is the emotional connection that you will have with the home. The realization that no one else (or pet for that matter) has ever set foot on those hardwood floors.

Time to Build That Dream Home

It does pay to build on your own acreage. You are able to choose where you want to build and at the same time get the freedom to design your home in a way that aligns with your needs. To find new acreage homesites for sale near Houston, contact Stone Meadow Homes.

Date: April 7, 2021
Category: Blog