Build On Your Lot Options For First Time Home Buyers

Has searching for homes for sale left you a bit disappointed by what you are finding? When you build on your lot in a great new subdivision, you are never disappointed.

You can build on your own acreage and take control of the options that are available in your new home. When you build on your lot you get the home that suits your lifestyle.

Clear Advantages

There are some clear advantages to having a home built instead of buying a pre-owned home. New houses take turn-key ready to move-in, to an entirely different level. Imagine a home where you literally just have to move in your personal belongings.

When you build on your own lot you do not have to worry about:

  • Painting rooms to match your taste. Everyone wants to be able to make a house their home and to reflect their own personal style. It can be very difficult to find a pre-owned home that does not require some cosmetic work like painting or replacing flooring to match your style.
  • You will not have to replace old appliances. Typically preowned homes are sold with older appliances which can mean the new owners (you) will have to absorb the cost of replacement.
  • All of the main systems of the home are brand new and worry-free. You do not have to worry about replacing cooling, heating, water heaters, roofing, and more when you choose new homes for sale.

Of course, there are also additional benefits like having a space that you and your family feel comfortable in because it was built around your lifestyle. This can be the best option for so many reasons.

The Value

You may pay a little more initially for a new home that you build on your lot, but considering all the value that you get, the cost balances out. New houses are a one and done deal. In other words, you pay for the home to be built, and then you do not have to worry about sinking any more money in the home for a very long time.

Everything is warrantied and guaranteed. You do not get that same peace of mind when you buy pre-owned. When you take a closer look at the math you can see that when you build on your lot, it can be very affordable.

Date: May 15, 2020
Category: Blog